Pouch Bags

Plastic Pouch Bags

Plastic Pouch Bags

The Plastic Bag Company have over 40 years of experience in plastic bag manufacture and is a trusted and reliable supplier of quality printed plastic pouch bags and flexible plastic packaging.

We supply a wide range of flexographic printed plastic bags for use in many applications, from the textile industry right through to the food industry, with a customer base reaching from the U.K and Europe to the Middle East.

We produce polypropylene, polythene and O.P.P side and bottom weld bags, pouch bags and cut sheets which are available in any size and thickness to tailor your individual requirements.

Pouch Bags

We can supply a wide variety of pouch bags and CD wallets.

We can print up to 10 colours process or line for high quality reproductions or produce simple warning notices and logos. Our in house design team can produce artwork quickly and at a minimum cost.

plastic bag types

Plastic Bag Types

Various film process’s can be applied (i.e. micro-perforated film, coloured opaque film, tinted film,co-ex polythene, anti-static, variable thickness and embossed film.

Special features such as ultra-violet filters, photo filters, photo degradability and anti-misting can also be incorporated.

We can supply clear plastic pouch bags as well as printed pouch bags which can be printed up to 10 colours photographic process or line. Choose from flush top, loose flap, bottom guset, side gusset, lateral seal, hook bags and handle bag designs.

We also offer a complete print service from conceptual design through to the finished artwork.

Perforations & Slots

If you require lateral seals, punched handles, punched slots, punched holes or perforations for hanging purposes this can be applied to the bags.

Perforations and Slots

Perforations and Slots

We can punch full perorated holes and slots, half moon perforations and slots, butterfly perforations and slots and Euro slots for all various types of polythene plastic bags prior to their delivery.

Please do not hesitate to forward an enquiry to us via email, telephone, fax or post. We will be happy to discuss your plastic pouch bag or wallet bag requirements in full and answer any questions which you may have.

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