The Cost of Plastic Bags in the UK

is charging the answer? According to the Financial Times, the UK’s Coalition government is split over making the English pay for supermarket bags. There is debate and unrest between the Liberal Democrats who have recently accused Conserative Treasury ministers of thwarting an attempt to force English supermarkets to impose charges for their combined seven billion plastic bags which are used annualy in their stores. Plastic bag use is an issue world wide, or rather the issue is ensuring the billions of plastic bags in circulation are recycled responsibly and in line with environmental… Read more

How Plastic Bags Are Manufactured

Plastic Bag Making Machine Carbon has the incredible ability of forming long chains with different elements and it’s this ability which is responsible for the creation of plastic. The hydrocarbon, ethylene (C2H4), is a by-product of processing coal, oil and gas, and consists of four hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon-carbon double bond. This simple molecule, or monomer, can join with many other hydrocarbon monomers to create a polymer. By varying the amount of ethylene monomers, different types of plastic can be created to produce a variety of products, three types of which are used for… Read more

Delhi Imposes Plastic Bag Blanket Ban

Plastic Bag Ban In certain parts of the UK, Wales in particular, there is a 5 pence charge on plastic bags to encourage people to reuse them but busy shoppers often have other things on their mind, it’s common to forget to chuck a few plastic bags in your bag or handbag when heading out on a shopping trip. Some people argue that 5 pence for a carrier bag may not break the bank, but it’s literally costing the Earth. Irresponsible use of plastic bags are responsible for killing thousands of marine animals and 1 million birds each year, as well as polluting the planet’s atmosphere from the… Read more

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